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...the fact that I'm actually helping students with their education and creative projects makes this toothbrush a winner!

Ramona Class


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For every toothbrush sold with their design, the art student receives 10% of the proceeds!

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Each unique Flooxa toothbrush features laser-etched artwork by students from universities all over the world.

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Great idea! Finally, a toothbrush with a purpose!

George Colomer


Ámbar Ruíz Design

"This is a Toothbrush" - Artwork inspired by the Surrealist movement.

Featured Brush Design - This is a Toothbrush by Ámbar Ruíz

My design concept is titled "This Is a Toothbrush", based on the painting by the Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte's "This is Not a Pipe". In this case I decided to change the statement ("This Is a Toothbrush") suggests that every product design in the twenty-first century needs to be thought of and designed according to the standards and guidelines our environment needs. Product designs need to be sustainable, recyclable, reusable, and above all they need to be thought of as a unique work of art.

In this Flooxa design the custom made typography was inspired by the Canadian designer and illustrator Marian Bantjes; here we can see small circles within circles aspiring the cycle of life that exists in our world through every living creature, where Flooxa is now part of.



About Ámbar Ruíz

Ámbar started her career in 2009 making modeling portfolio photography, before being accepted in the School of Visual Arts & Design of Puerto Rico (Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico), where she obtained her BFA in Design & Digital Arts.

During the last four years, she has been able learn about the theoretical and historical aspects of art. This knowledge has made her more passionate about design, art, and fashion photography, allowing her to expand her interests to the restoration and conservation of artistic objects.

She likes to work with typography creating visual grids and adding organic elements when designing. In her photography she experiments with light, colors, and texture, capturing the subtleties of the location’s environment and transmitting a whole new aura during the edit and post production stage; using landscape to compliment fashion, appealing more audiences..

Ámbar's Online Portfolio

Help creativity flourish!


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Combining the family traditions of art and dentistry, Flooxa was founded by Creative Director and Adjunct Professor Celso Portela in 2014. Flooxa toothbrushes add a creative flourish to the frequent task of brushing your teeth, promoting good oral hygiene while introducing a passion for art and design to your daily routine.

From Celso Portela, creator of Flooxa toothbrushes:

“I'm extremely excited to tell you about Flooxa toothbrushes. This brush is the first and only toothbrush that helps art students fund their creative projects, promotes art institutions, and is crafted from environmentally responsible bamboo. Flooxa flourished in my imagination as a direct response to my passion for art and design. Also, to continue the family tradition in the field of dentistry, and from my desire as a college professor to support education, which I believe is the solution to many social problems.”

Help creativity flourish!


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I love how with every toothbrush, I get a new art history inspired artwork. Great way to learn about art and design!

Sofia Sainz


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